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5 Ways Lawyers Can Maximize Their Wealth By Deferring Fees

Leif Lundberg, LL.M and Ben Eisler, JurisPrudent Deferral Solutions Takeaways Defer compensation like Fortune 500 executives do, so your money grows faster. Tie your fee to the returns of investments that you select – stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Gain access to low-interest loans, as needed, to fund cases (currently 3-4%). Use “golden handcuffs” to…

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Traditional Structured Attorney Fees with Life Contingency Payments

Bet On Your Health! A pre-tax and tax-deferred attorney fee structure offers great benefits to attorneys who earn contingent legal fees.  In essence, it is an unlimited retirement investment vehicle exclusively for attorneys.  Using annuity based fee structures, an attorney can get a guaranteed competitive fixed rate of return.  The returns are typically similar to…

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New Medicare Portal Goes Live January 2016

New Medicare Portal Goes Live January 2016 On November 9th 2015 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) <ahref=””>announced the much anticipated, and long overdue, start date for the new Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP).  The new MSPRP will begin functioning on January 1, 2016.  The current MSP Web portal permits authorized users…

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What Sets SSNPT Apart?

Clients who receive needs based benefits such as Medicaid and SSI require special planning to protect eligibility for those public benefits. More and more frequently, a pooled special needs trust is being utilized to preserve eligibility given the ease with which one can be set up and the relatively low cost.

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Lien Resolution Outsourcing — Forging Partnerships & Protecting the Injured

The twenty first century trial attorney faces post settlement/award issues the likes of which could not have been foreseen even twenty years ago. Foremost among these post settlement issues is lien resolution. Today’s trial attorneys have clients who have their medical benefits provided by a wide variety of sources such as; Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage…

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Medicare Advantage Plans and Liability Medicare Set Asides

By B. Josh Pettingill, MBA, MS, MSCC Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans There is often confusion between “Traditional Medicare”, Part A and Part B coverage and Medicare Advantage Plans. It is critical to identify exactly what benefits your client is actually receiving before the resolution of their case. The best time to confirm public…

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Introducing Medicare 360° – A Complete Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Solution

Synergy Settlement Services’ experts will resolve the most difficult and complex Medicare Secondary Payer compliance challenges facing your firm. Medicare 360° is the complete solution for Medicare conditional payment resolution and Medicare Set Aside (MSA) allocations. Medicare 360° combines the most powerful services from our lien resolution group and our MSP compliance group into one…

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Double Damages For Medicare Advantage Plans? – 11th Circuit To Decide

In Humana Medical Plan, Inc. v. Western Heritage Insurance Co., No. 12-20123, 2015 U.S. Dist.  LEXIS 31875, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted Humana’s Motion for Summary Judgment and held that Humana’s right to reimbursement for the conditional payments it made on behalf of plan beneficiary under a Medicare Advantage…

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