Introducing a Third Party Professional to a Personal Injury Settlement

Personal injury settlements require flawless communication between the plaintiff(s) and the attorney. During mediation, plaintiffs are often overwhelmed by the thoroughness of injury documentation and worried about whether their case is being correctly translated into legal terms. Attorneys are focused on how to best represent the interests of their client, but occasionally it becomes necessary to bring a third party professional into the fold to iron out any wrinkles in your claim.

A third party professional, such as a settlement planner, legal nurse consultant, or compliance specialist, can help you focus on the case at hand while managing periphery duties like settlement calculation, health inspections, and lawful compliance with updated regulations. Synergy Settlement Services offers clients an array of settlement planning services to help ease the burden on attorneys helping clients gain compensation from their personal injury settlement.

Settlement Planner

A settlement planner specializes in calculating the total financial sum awarded to the plaintiff after suffering a personal injury. They advocate for the plaintiff’s side of the settlement and help the plaintiff understand the numbers behind their settlement as they advance through the mediation process. Hiring a settlement planner allows the attorney to delegate one of the most important and time-consuming duties to a third party so they can focus on the legal issues of the case.

Settlement planners aim to maximize the settlement payout, which greatly benefits the plaintiff and the attorney. In some cases, a settlement planner will recommend using a settlement management trust to parse out payments over time instead of collecting a lump sum. A settlement management trust can help maximize the payout over time and protect the plaintiff from poor money management.

Legal Nurse Consultants

Nurses who want to venture outside the realm of traditional clinical roles can utilize their expertise to become legal nurse consultants. Legal nurse consulting is a relatively new field that is expanding rapidly. By advising attorneys on medically-related issues, legal nurse consultants add an additional layer of legitimacy to your personal injury settlement. They can reinforce your initial diagnosis or monitor your client for undiagnosed ailments. The presence of a legal nurse consultant also helps clients feel at ease knowing that a registered health professional is on their side.

Compliance Specialist

Maintaining regulatory compliance is more difficult than ever with the recent influx of new legislation, including an incoming amendment to personal injury claims involving road traffic accidents slated for October 2018. Bringing a compliance specialist on board can help you focus on the legal aspects of your settlement while maintaining regulatory compliance with changing legislature. Untimely changes to the law can have negative effects on your client’s personal injury claim.

Synergy Settlement Services can help you capitalize on your client’s personal injury settlement by pairing you with an experienced third party professional such as a settlement planner. Sometimes, the best outcome for your client’s personal injury settlement requires a little outside help.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.

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