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INTRODUCING: New MSP Compliance Service for Liability Cases – “No MSA” Letter

CMS has made it clear that it is up to plaintiff’s counsel to address whether or not a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) should be implemented. Synergy has developed a screening process to ensure plaintiff attorneys are compliant with addressing the protection of Medicare’s future interests. This is a simple process that guides the plaintiff attorney as to whether or not action should be taken to protect the Medicare trust fund.

Step 1: Evaluation of Case
Attorney provides information directly to Synergy about the plaintiff’s injuries, Medicare entitlement, as well as the case summary.

Step 2: Findings
Once the case specific information has been gathered, Synergy will determine whether or not a MSA is recommended and applicable.

Step 3: Deliverable
If it is determined that the MSA is not applicable, then Synergy provides a letter to counsel memorializing that there is no need for a MSA analysis based upon the specific facts of
that case.

If it is determined that a MSA analysis is appropriate, then Synergy can provide the MSA analysis with future cost projection of Medicare covered items related to the accident.

Fee: $375*

*If plaintiff would like to move forward with a full MSA analysis, then the cost of the screening/evaluation will be applied as credit to the MSA analysis.

Contact Synergy today for more information at 877-242-0022 or by clicking here.


"Synergy is an invaluable partner in the mediation process. They have extensive expertise in Medicare, Medicaid and Structured Settlements and the ability to explain the impact of these complex concepts to my clients in simple, clear and understandable language. This allows me to focus on obtaining the best possible result in the settlement process."

Michael J. Winer, Esq.
President Florida Workers Advocates (FWA)

Synergy’s team makes it easy to deal with all of the issues we hate at the end of the case. Dealing with Medicare, ERISA liens, keeping eligibility intact for Medicaid and complicated planning for the client’s recovery. The experts we work with regularly at Synergy do a great job of making sure I am protected as are my clients.

J. Clancey Bounds
Bounds Law Group

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