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Bloomberg Business’s article illustrates the foe or many personal injury victims and their attorneys – Rawlings & Associates

By Dave Place, Vice President & Director of Lien Resolution

Bloomberg Business’s article by David Armstrong “The Lawyer Who Invented a Way to Take Cash From Accident Victims” identifies a formidable foe of injured clients. This article tells the tale of how a Kentucky lawyer, George Rawlings of The Rawlings Group, began his multi-million dollar career on the coat-tails of plaintiff’s trial bar and off the suffering of the injured. This story is well known to Synergy’s Director of lien resolution, Dave Place, as he worked as a recovery attorney for The Rawlings Group’s competitor who is referenced in the article. These two Louisville based healthcare subrogation/reimbursement firms are both huge employers in the Louisville metropolitan area and powerful players in the national ERISA subrogation debate.

ERISA plans and private insurers employ these powerful companies to secure billions in recoveries from injury victims. According to the article, “[a] whole cottage industry has grown up around these health insurance rights, and they’re going after reimbursement recoveries on the backs of the injury victims themselves”. Trover Solutions and The Rawlings Group were the first in what is now a crowded cottage industry. For nearly fifteen years Synergy’s Director of Lien Resolution, was an attorney at Gibson & Sharps, Trover’s nearly captive law firm. He brought ERISA, FEHBA, Medicare Advantage, and private insurance subrogation claims in all fifty states. In his time there he personally returned nearly one hundred million dollars to the insurance industry from the settlement proceeds of injury victims.

Having seen the principle foundations for subrogation, “returning settlement proceeds back to the self-funded ERISA Plan so that benefits are protected and premiums are kept for all employees”, become corrupted by the attitude of greed and avarice that is implied in today’s article Mr. Place turned his back on the insurance industry. He joined one of the few and only plaintiff centric lien resolution companies in the country and took over the helm of Synergy Lien Resolution Services. He now gives personal injury attorneys and their clients a similar resource to companies like Rawlings but on behalf of those that need to be protected instead of powerful health insurers. In the three years since Mr. Place has been at Synergy, he has saved its clients nearly twenty million dollars and developed a process that is securing millions in refunds from Medicare for those who may have paid too much out of their personal injury settlement. George Rawlings certainly wouldn’t do anything to help the injured.


"I was smart enough to hire Synergy Lien Resolution Services. Kudos to Synergy for tracking down ALL the medical bills, hounded Medicaid to pay them all, got all providers to state zero balances and then negotiated Medicaid down to accept $30K [down from 200k] to wipe out all of the medical bills."

Marianne Howanitz, Esq
Marianne Howanitz Law Offices

"Whenever I have turned to Synergy, their team has always been there for our firm and our clients. They always take the time to answer all our clients’ questions and provide quick, accurate and reliable information so they can make an informed decision regarding structured settlements. With Synergy on our side, we know that our clients are getting the best service and the best structured settlements."

Troy Rafferty
Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor

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