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Is Your Law Firm Partnering With the Right Consultant for Lien Resolution Services?

There are a myriad of benefits when law firms outsource lien resolution services. Law firms that partner with a reliable, third-party consultant that specializes in resolving liens can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced Operating Costs: Time is money and law firms improve their bottom line by outsourcing time-consuming tasks to experienced professionals.   
  • Effective Results: By partnering with a knowledgeable professional that understands the comprehensive lien laws, you ensure compliance and obtain effective results.
  • Solution-Oriented: When you accelerate lien resolutions, your clients are pleased with their experience working with your law firm resulting in more quality leads.  

In this brief article, the professional consultants at Synergy Settlement Services will discuss how law firms can perform their due diligence when hiring a consultant. We will also discuss a few basic qualifications every lien resolution consultant should possess.

Are You Hiring an Experienced Professional?

Naturally, when law firms hire a consultant to perform any legal tasks, especially a specialized task like lien resolutions, they are partnering with this company because they require a knowledgeable and experienced professional that will be a solution provider to their needs. So the first matter of business is to ensure that this company’s expertise is in resolving liens and that this has been a principal aspect of their business for quite some time.  

Are They Knowledgeable in All Aspects of Lien Resolution?

If you are relying on a third party to resolve your liens, ensure they aren’t outsourcing your services to another third party. Along with getting a better understanding of their business model, make certain that this specialized service provider has a good rapport with national healthcare agencies and has experience resolving issues related to Medicare, Medicaid, and unreasonable hospital liens as well as a firm understanding of comprehensive federal statutes like ERISA liens. Make certain they have a system in place that ensures compliance regarding all these issues.

Can They Manage a Large Capacity of Cases?

Along with learning about their experience and lien resolution process, the company you hire needs to have the bandwidth to manage a large capacity of cases for your law firm. It’s important to learn more about how many consultants will be working on your lien resolutions and about other specialized services that the company can provide you with. You can always task them with resolving liens for your firm and then broaden the scope of specialized settlement services they can assist you with over time.      

For over a decade, Synergy Settlement Services has worked to successfully resolve liens for the clients of numerous law firms. We also provide several other valuable services, including creating the best structured settlement plan for your clients. If you are interested in eliminating the burden related to lien resolution services, please speak with our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals today.   

For more information about how you can benefit from lien resolution services or to schedule a consultation, please submit our contact request form.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.

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"I recently engaged Synergy to assist with a complicated PTD settlement involving a substantial Medicare Set Aside. The claimant’s wife has been providing full time attendant care which is not Medicare covered. The Synergy nurse was able to do a full analysis of non-Medicare covered expenses which far exceeded the value of the MSA analysis performed by the carrier’s contracted MSA provider. The non- Medicare figures became the main focus of the settlement negotiations and more than doubled the value of the case. Although I could estimate the attendant care figures, the nurse added in other items that I would not have routinely considered. I also asked Synergy to evaluate the EC’s MSA as well as their prescription review. Synergy offered insight about the prescription donut hole which I did not have a clear understanding about. Again, their insight and information added a great deal of value to the overall settlement. Not only did I learn from Synergy but was able to educate my clients in the process. These are very complex and complicated areas; I will use Synergy again and again!"

Rosemary Eure
Lancaster & Eure

I wanted to pass my highest recommendation to Synergy who we routinely get involved in cases when Medicare issues come up, especially when dealing with Medicare Set Asides. Synergy went beyond the call of duty in a recent case that was settled and dealt one-on-one with our clients and their family. They spent time on the phone with them to be sure they got all their questions answered and did a fantastic job dealing with Medicare.

J. Daniel Clark
Clark Martino, P.A.

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