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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy Leverages ERISA Subrogation Expertise and Experience for a 93% Reduction Saving Client $682k

This case involved a plaintiff who suffered life altering injuries as a result of medical malpractice.  The plaintiff was a member of a self-funded ERISA qualified health plan which paid over $732,000.00 in malpractice related medical benefits.  The plaintiff’s attorney settled the malpractice action in two parts, with a small settlement of $250,000 occurring first. At the time of the first settlement the self-funded ERISA plan asserted a subrogation/reimbursement claim almost three times the size of the entire settlement. Fearing that the plan would take the entire settlement, as is possible following the disastrous ruling in U.S. Airways v. McCutchen, plaintiff’s counsel engaged Synergy Lien Resolution Services.  Synergy was able to negotiate a partial settlement with the plan that allowed the plaintiff to net a substantial portion of the settlement and allowed counsel to recoup his cost as well as take his fee.  When the final settlement occurred, Synergy once again went to work negotiating with the self-funded ERISA plan. Despite the second settlement providing enough funds to repay the ERISA lien in full, Synergy relentlessly pressured and persuaded the plan to accept a greatly reduced repayment.  After difficult and heated negotiations, Synergy was able to reduce the repayment demand by 93% for a savings of $682,905.63.



"Synergy is an invaluable partner in the mediation process. They have extensive expertise in Medicare, Medicaid and Structured Settlements and the ability to explain the impact of these complex concepts to my clients in simple, clear and understandable language. This allows me to focus on obtaining the best possible result in the settlement process."

Michael J. Winer, Esq.
President Florida Workers Advocates (FWA)

"I have been very impressed by the results achieved by Synergy Lien Resolution Services. They saved my client over $108,000 in reducing a difficult ERISA lien. Their expertise was invaluable and resulted in a very happy client. Best money I ever spent. I wholeheartedly recommend them. You are doing your client a disservice if you don’t hire them to help you with your liens."

Armando Payas, Esq.
Payas Law

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