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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy wipes out Medicare Condtional Payment Obligation

This case involves a Medicare beneficiary who was injured on a June 27, 2011 in a motor vehicle accident which took place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The beneficiary retained counsel and eventually settled her claim against the negligent tortfeasor for $6,00.00.  Despite the relatively small size of the settlement her attorney involved Synergy’s Lien Resolution Service to protect the settlement proceeds from the lien being asserted by Medicare , via MSPRC.  Medicare asserted a lien for conditional payments advanced in the amount of $1,595.00.  These charges were unrelated to the subject accident and were not claimed by the beneficiary in the personal injury case.  Synergy was able to successfully dispute these charges and Medicare agreed to reduce the balance owed to zero and to close their file.    The result was a increase of 44% to the beneficiary’s net recovery . This case clearly demonstrates how on even the small dollar files Synergy can take steps that can make a significant impact on
the plaintiff’s take home.


“This service is tremendous, and Synergy Lien Resolution Services is fantastic to work with. All of our cases will be sent through this process.”

David Eaton, Esq.
Eaton & Tirella

"In my twenty-two year career as a trial lawyer I've handled my share of catastrophic cases and structures, but imagine the complexity of an engaged, unwed mother catastrophically injured during delivery, giving birth to a healthy child, but left in a vegetative state? The issues of guardianship and entitlements of the newborn, the rights of the biological father-fiancé, an out-of-state teenage child of the mother, lifetime maintenance of the mother, as well as the rights of family of the mother, who became her primary care-takers? Synergy systematically managed the seven figure tender of one defendant, the establishment of a Qualified Settlement Fund, a Special Needs Trust, and multiple structures, all the while concurrently maintaining the various entitlements to ancillary services, as well as the remaining litigation. Everything was handled professionally, timely and literally without a hitch. Truly an amazing feat."

Marcus J. Michles II
Michles & Booth

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