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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy’s Post Final Demand Medicare Service reduces repayment by 93% for savings of $27,811.84

This is a case wherein the Medicare beneficiary was injured when he slipped and fell at an event in Palm Beach.  The elderly plaintiff sustained modest injuries with medical damages less than $10,000.00.  The plaintiff hired counsel who made a successful claim against the responsible parties.  However, when plaintiff’s counsel attempted to resolve Medicare’s claim for repayment of conditional payments he was confronted with a repayment demand of $29,797.85.    The elderly plaintiff had pre-existing injuries and Medicare was including treatment for these unrelated items in their repayment demand.  The plaintiff’s attorney attempted to work this out with MSPRC (Medicare’s recovery contractor) but was unsuccessful, despite verbal confirmation from MSPRC that their demand would be corrected and reduced.  Plaintiff’s counsel then attempted to have this matter resolved by appealing the Final Demand, but he was again unsuccessful.  At this point Synergy Lien Resolution Services was brought in to assist.   Synergy filed a second level appeal with Maximus Federal Services, and in less than ninety (90) days the demand amount was reduced.  The final result was a reduction of the repayment demand by 93% and a savings of $27,811.84 for the injured plaintiff.

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"I just want to thank Synergy for their great work in getting a health insurance lien resolved. The health insurance company refused to reduce their lien a penny from a motorcycle accident involving my client who was not wearing a helmet, a fact that would have hurt our award in front of a jury. Synergy put tremendous pressure on this company, and after months of bombarding this insurance company with statutory requests and threats, they were able to get them to give in and reduce the lien significantly. The cost was minimal in relation to the hard work they put in, and the savings my client received. Client was very happy, and it allowed me to close out a case that I had resolved over 6 months before. Keep them in mind if you are dealing with a smug insurance adjuster who felt confident he would not have to reduce a lien, like I was dealing with. Thank you very much Synergy."

Jeffrey A. Adelman, Esq.
Adelman & Adelman, P.A.

“This service is tremendous, and Synergy Lien Resolution Services is fantastic to work with. All of our cases will be sent through this process.”

David Eaton, Esq.
Eaton & Tirella

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