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Lien Resolution Success Story – Synergy uses knowledge of MSP to reduce Medicare Final Demand by 74% in less than 60 days

This case involved a Medicare beneficiary who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The beneficiary received medical benefits via Medicare Conditional Payments of approximately $25,000. When the plaintiff’s attorney settled the personal injury action, Medicare presented a Final Demand of approximately $16,500. The plaintiff’s attorney attempted to reduce this amount via a first level appeal (Redetermination), but he was unsuccessful. At this point Synergy Lien Resolution Services was engaged. 

Synergy prepared the second level appeal (Reconsideration) using our extensive knowledge of both the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and our experience in dealing with BCRC and CMS. Within 60 days Medicare had agreed with our appeal and the Final Demand was reduced to approximately $4,500.


"Synergy provides great service and are very helpful to my clients. Sometimes clients have trouble understanding the annuity concepts and Synergy does a wonderful job making everything clear and understandable. It is a pleasure to work with Synergy on cases."

Glen Wieland
Wieland, Hilado & Delattre

"I was smart enough to hire Synergy Lien Resolution Services. Kudos to Synergy for tracking down ALL the medical bills, hounded Medicaid to pay them all, got all providers to state zero balances and then negotiated Medicaid down to accept $30K [down from 200k] to wipe out all of the medical bills."

Marianne Howanitz, Esq
Marianne Howanitz Law Offices

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