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Lien Resolution Success Story – Synergy utilizes its experience in resolving military liens and obtains full waiver from Tricare for a savings of $265,227

This is a case wherein a former service member was injured in a motor vehicle accident.  The injuries the plaintiff suffered left him wheelchair bound with a spinal cord injury.  Plaintiff’s counsel was able to obtain a policy limits settlement from the tortfeasor, but was confronted with a large Tricare claim. Tricare proved reluctant to provide information regarding their claim or to negotiate. Synergy was engaged to resolve Tricare’s claim so that the injured plaintiff would see at least a nominal portion of his settlement proceeds.  Synergy used its knowledge of the forms, processes and protocols employed by the Nave Judge Advocate General’s office and obtained a full waiver of the government’s interest. 


"In my twenty-two year career as a trial lawyer I've handled my share of catastrophic cases and structures, but imagine the complexity of an engaged, unwed mother catastrophically injured during delivery, giving birth to a healthy child, but left in a vegetative state? The issues of guardianship and entitlements of the newborn, the rights of the biological father-fiancé, an out-of-state teenage child of the mother, lifetime maintenance of the mother, as well as the rights of family of the mother, who became her primary care-takers? Synergy systematically managed the seven figure tender of one defendant, the establishment of a Qualified Settlement Fund, a Special Needs Trust, and multiple structures, all the while concurrently maintaining the various entitlements to ancillary services, as well as the remaining litigation. Everything was handled professionally, timely and literally without a hitch. Truly an amazing feat."

Marcus J. Michles II
Michles & Booth

"In my business as a plaintiff’s products liability lawyer, everything begins and ends with our clients. In our firm we never handle a significant case without the assistance of Synergy. Why? Very simple: we trust Synergy with our clients. Yes, Synergy only works with plaintiffs. And yes, they are highly technically proficient and know this business cold. But what makes them different from others is that they listen to our clients, make our clients comfortable with complex issues, and always put the interests of the client first. In my opinion, because of their unique ability to handle people with sincerity and compassion in their time of crisis, they stand head and shoulders above his competition."

Richard Newsome
Newsome Law Firm, Past President of Florida Justice Association

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