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Lien Resolution Success Story – Synergy works directly with CMS Seattle Regional Office to shortcut the compromise process and reduce Final Demand by over $33,000

This is a case wherein the Medicare beneficiary was catastrophically injured in a Seattle, Washington motor vehicle accident. The beneficiary hired counsel and was able to obtain $1,000,000 in settlement funds. The settlement funds came via two separate settlements and when the first settlement was reported by the carrier to CMS problems began.  Plaintiff’s counsel attempted to resolve the confusion even going so far as to request a compromise from CMS. The request was denied and the incorrect Final Demand remained. 

At this point counsel engaged Synergy to assist. With our knowledge of the process, the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and the Medicare Secondary Payer Manual, Synergy was able to contact the Regional Director in Seattle Washington, quickly correct the errors, and have a new and accurate Final Demand issued for a savings of over $33,000.

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“Synergy is our guiding light for deferring our contingent legal fees and planning for retirement. The lawyers at Panter Panter & Sampedro, myself included, have been working with them for over ten years using different methods to defer comp and plan for retirement.”

Brett Panter
Panter, Panter & Sampedro

"Whenever I have turned to Synergy, their team has always been there for our firm and our clients. They always take the time to answer all our clients’ questions and provide quick, accurate and reliable information so they can make an informed decision regarding structured settlements. With Synergy on our side, we know that our clients are getting the best service and the best structured settlements."

Troy Rafferty
Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor

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