Motives for Hiring a Settlement Planner Part 1

When working on personal injury settlements, there are a lot of demanding elements at work. During mediation, the plaintiff’s attorney is focused on the details of the case and representing the best interest of their client. The injury victim and their family often are experiencing a wide range of emotions and may feel in the dark about much of the relevant information in regards to their settlement. Solely depending on their attorney to obtain the best possible outcome of the settlement, the attorney can alleviate many of their client’s concerns by employing a knowledgeable expert that can assist with both the mediation process and the long-term settlement planning for the injured party as well. This professional ally is known as a settlement planner.

With Synergy Settlement Consulting, we can reduce many of the stressful components of the personal injury settlement process by creating an innovative settlement planning system for your client. In this two-part article, we will first discuss the benefits that a settlement planner can provide during the mediation process. In the second section, we will discuss the benefits of establishing a settlement management trust for injury victims during their recovery process.

Support in Your Corner

The settlement planner gives the plaintiff’s attorney an experienced professional that specializes in figuring out the total financial sum the injured victim should receive in the settlement. As an advocate for the plaintiff’s side of the mediation, the settlement planner can also communicate to the plaintiff all of the feasible options left on the table during the mediation process. Perhaps the biggest asset the settlement planner immediately provides for the plaintiff’s lawyer and their client is that they will take care of maximizing “the numbers” for the settlement; whereas, the plaintiff’s attorney can focus on the legal issues of the case.

Knowledge and Experience to Help Your Settlement

When reaching a settlement agreement, the right wording in the document is of extreme importance. With an experienced settlement planner on your side, the plaintiff’s attorney can take comfort knowing that the appropriate standards will be met in the agreement. The settlement planner will also have full knowledge of the settlement process and ensure that all relevant documents have been signed and accounted for. In addition, the settlement planner can also plan for the economic future of both the client and even the plaintiff’s attorney as well by structuring a deferred payment for the lawyer’s fees. As we will discuss more in the second section of this article, the planner can create a settlement management trust for the injured victim that will provide them with the financial security they need in the future.

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"Synergy is an invaluable partner in the mediation process. They have extensive expertise in Medicare, Medicaid and Structured Settlements and the ability to explain the impact of these complex concepts to my clients in simple, clear and understandable language. This allows me to focus on obtaining the best possible result in the settlement process."

Michael J. Winer, Esq.
President Florida Workers Advocates (FWA)

"Whenever I have turned to Synergy, their team has always been there for our firm and our clients. They always take the time to answer all our clients’ questions and provide quick, accurate and reliable information so they can make an informed decision regarding structured settlements. With Synergy on our side, we know that our clients are getting the best service and the best structured settlements."

Troy Rafferty
Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor

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