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The Power of Pre-Tax Investments for Contingency Fees – Synergy Asset Management & Partners

Deferred Compensation Programs powered by High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio

Synergy Asset Management (“SAM”) has partnered with the top deferred compensation plans to offer a powerful alternative to traditional fixed attorney fee structures for contingency fees. Through these programs, lawyers may invest their legal fees on a pre-tax, tax–deferred basis into diversified investment portfolios of their choosing, including SAM’s High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio payment streams. This powerful combination enables lawyers to – achieve superior returns and diversification. In addition, the flexible payment structure of these programs gives lawyers control over the timing of withdrawals, and thus taxation.

Who is Synergy Asset Management?

Synergy Asset Management is part of Synergy Settlement Services. SAM, for short, specializes in tax deferral strategies for lawyers. High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio is SAM’s exclusive product that provides strong fixed income returns with no market risk. SAM’s experienced team can provide advice and options for achieving the most tax advantaged outcome for contingent legal fees.

Why Use a Deferred Compensation Program?

It is an opportunity to invest contingency fees in time tested deferred compensation mechanisms. These programs enable you to invest pre-tax, tax-deferred in the investments of your choosing, and to control the timing of benefits and, therefore, of taxation. Think of it like a super 401(k) with no limits on contributions or penalties on withdrawals. Since legal fees are invested on a pre-tax, tax-deferred basis, lawyers have the power to accumulate greater wealth. By investing fees on a pre-tax, tax-deferred basis lawyers also maximize their bankable assets, which increases their capacity to borrow more capital at lower costs.

What is High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio?

High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio streams are fixed structured settlement annuity payment rights that have been sold at a significant discount to a third party purchaser. After the sale, the structured settlement annuity payment obligation remains in force and can be legally transferred to a new buyer through the purchase of High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio. When High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio is purchased, the buyer is legally transferred the rights to future fixed structured settlement annuity payments in return for a one time lump sum investment. High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio offers returns in the 5 – 7% range depending on deferral and duration.

This is not an offer to sell a security. Consult your legal and financial advisers before entering into a deferred compensation transaction.


"Synergy has been a trusted part of our legal team for many years. They have helped our clients in many cases to understand the benefits of structured settlements. Synergy has protected our clients and us by securing the best annuities on the market with the safest companies available. Our Synergy consultant is a great communicator in explaining the details and benefits of structured settlements to our clients. He has also mentored myself and the other lawyers in our firm in the benefit of Attorney Fee Annuities. Their work with our firm has secured our clients and our financial security and we expect to continue working with him for many years to come."

Brett Panter
Panter, Panter & Sampedro

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