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Synergy obtains 100% reduction from self-funded ERISA plan for a savings of $204,675.38

This case involved a products liability action where a man fell from a ladder that “telescoped” while he was working on the roof of his home.  The plaintiff suffered major life altering injuries and remains in a persistent “locked-in” state.  The plaintiff’s attorney engaged a renowned economist who prepared a life care plan in excess of $10,000,000.00.  There was $4,000,000 in past medicals.  Due to liability concerns the plaintiff’s attorney negotiated a favorable high/low agreement during jury selection.  After a 3 week trial, the jury came back with a defense verdict and the injured plaintiff was only able to collect under the high/low agreement.  Confronted with a mountain of health care liens and a limited recovery in relation to the massive damages suffered, plaintiff counsel engaged Synergy Lien Resolution Services to reduce the liens so the plaintiff could retain more of the net settlement.  Synergy immediately took action and after having their arguments presented to the Board of the ERISA plan, a full waiver of the lien was granted.  The result was a savings of $204,675.38 for this very injured man and his family.


"I have used Synergy to resolve tough Medicare lien and set aside issues. There is no other practice that comes close to the quality of their work. I highly recommend them and they are a must for the substantial, tough cases."

Mark R. Hanson
LaBovick Law Group

Synergy’s team makes it easy to deal with all of the issues we hate at the end of the case. Dealing with Medicare, ERISA liens, keeping eligibility intact for Medicaid and complicated planning for the client’s recovery. The experts we work with regularly at Synergy do a great job of making sure I am protected as are my clients.

J. Clancey Bounds
Bounds Law Group

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