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Synergy Procures $159,061.85 Medicare Refund for Plaintiff in Less Than 30 Days

This is a tragic case involving a Medicare beneficiary who was near fatally wounded in a horrific home invasion. The beneficiary was shot multiple times during a home invasion that claimed the life of her daughter. Though surviving the attack, the plaintiff incurred massive medical bills resulting in Medicare issuing a Final Demand for repayment in the amount of $159,061.85.  It was at this point that plaintiff’s trial counsel turned to Synergy.

Despite a substantial seven figure settlement obtained by plaintiff’s counsel, Synergy believed it was inequitable for this beneficiary to be required to repay any amount to Medicare. Synergy’s Medicare Waiver & Compromise Service utilizes our extensive experience and expertise with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act’s provisions to reduce or eliminate the amount a plaintiff owes to Medicare.

In this tragic case, Synergy was able to obtain a complete waiver of Medicare’s conditional payment amount and a refund of the entire $159,061.85 plaintiff’s counsel had already paid based upon the Final Demand issued by CMS. Even more amazing is the fact that Synergy was able to achieve this result in less then thirty (30) days.


"Synergy has been a trusted part of our legal team for many years. They have helped our clients in many cases to understand the benefits of structured settlements. Synergy has protected our clients and us by securing the best annuities on the market with the safest companies available. Our Synergy consultant is a great communicator in explaining the details and benefits of structured settlements to our clients. He has also mentored myself and the other lawyers in our firm in the benefit of Attorney Fee Annuities. Their work with our firm has secured our clients and our financial security and we expect to continue working with him for many years to come."

Brett Panter
Panter, Panter & Sampedro

“Synergy Lien Resolution Services just finished getting an ERISA lien dramatically reduced for me. I tried for months, asked for the plan etc., tried to understand it, to little avail. Synergy got it slashed way beyond what the carrier told me that they would ever agree to. It cost my client peanuts, benefited her huge. I won’t ever screw around with trying to get those reduced; from now on they all go to Synergy.”

Rick Kolodinsky
Rick Kolodinsky, P.A.

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