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Synergy Settlement Services Helps Those in Need with Special Angel Project

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Synergy Settlement Services

Synergy Settlement Services Helps Those in Need with Special Angel Project

ORLANDO, Fla. (November 21, 2014) – Synergy Settlement Serviceskicks off its 5th holiday season of givingthrough its Special Angel Project. Since 2009, this annual Christmas giving program has brought the legal community together by placing Christmas trees decorated with angels representing members of families in need in law firms throughout Central Florida. The respective law firms help spread the word and collect gifts for those in need.

Since its inception, the Special Angel Project has given hundreds of Central Florida families a brighter Christmas with Synergy staff devoting hundreds of volunteer hours to collecting, organizing, wrapping and delivering the gifts to the needy families in partnership with a local church. The project has generated so much notoriety that Home Depot has agreed to donate the trees in support of the cause and to date, $10,000 worth of gifts have been given to local families on behalf of the Special Angel Project.

“The purpose of this project is to bring the excitement and joy of Christmas to the children of indigent families. We want to help these children receive at least one toy this Christmas,” said Viviana Lopez, Synergy’ operations manager and Special Angel Project creator.

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 About Synergy Settlement Services

Synergy Settlement Services is a team of legal and financial professionals heavily invested in supporting trial lawyers and organizations that preserve the American civil justice system. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices throughout Florida and in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and Washington D.C., Synergy is the first integrated settlement services group to leverage the power of a multi-dimensional approach to completely address complex settlement related matters for trial attorneys and their clients. We have a ground-breaking platform of new products, services and tools that make us an invaluable settlement partner. Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best by handling the difficult issues at settlement such as lien resolution, Medicare compliance, public benefit preservation, settlement planning techniques and tax deferral mechanisms for contingent legal fees. Simply put, Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best.


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"I just wanted to say thanks to you and the entire Synergy Settlement Services team for helping us put together a series of structured settlements and special needs trusts in two complex cases involving significant recoveries. As always, your accessibility, guidance and expertise on a whole host of post-settlement issues is very much appreciated and valued, particularly with respect to the often confusing topic of Medicare set asides. I look forward to our continued collaboration on cases in the future and am very appreciate of the first rate service your company continues to provide to our clients."

Stephan Le Clainche
Formerly of Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche

"I was smart enough to hire Synergy Lien Resolution Services. Kudos to Synergy for tracking down ALL the medical bills, hounded Medicaid to pay them all, got all providers to state zero balances and then negotiated Medicaid down to accept $30K [down from 200k] to wipe out all of the medical bills."

Marianne Howanitz, Esq
Marianne Howanitz Law Offices

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