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Synergy’s executive team brings an unparalleled amount of experience to assist you at settlement

Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best.  Our entire team is made up of experts who can help resolve the most complicated issues at settlement.  Synergy’s executive team brings an unparalleled amount of experience to assist you at settlement.  Jason Lazarus, Synergy’s CEO, is a former trial attorney practicing in the areas of workers’ compensation and medical malpractice.  He has an LL.M. in Elder Law as well as multiple professional certifications including Medicare Set Aside Consultant Certified.  To view Jason’s full bio click HERE.  Anthony Prieto, Synergy’s President, is a Certified Financial Planner with 15 years of financial services experience.  Anthony oversees Synergy’s settlement asset management group.  To view Anthony’s full bio click HERE.  Dan Alvarez, Synergy’s Vice President and General Counsel, is a former state attorney and plaintiff personal injury lawyer.  Dan has developed significant expertise in Medicare Secondary Payer compliance.  To view Dan’s full bio click HERE.  Josh Pettingill, Synergy’s Vice President of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance has an MBA and is a PHD candidate in Economics.  Josh’ oversees Synergy’s Medicare Secondary Payer compliance group and brings the unique insight of his certification as a Medicare Set Aside consultant.  To view Josh’s full Bio click HERE.  Dave Place, Synergy’s Director of Lien Resolution, is a former lead attorney for one of the largest ERISA recovery contractors in the United States.  Dave’s experience allows him to provide invaluable advice and guidance regarding tough lien resolution issues.  To view Dave’s full bio click HERE.  Rodd Santomauro, Synergy’s Chief Operations Officer, is a former plaintiff personal injury attorney and Executive Director of a national non-profit.  Rodd’s personal experience as a trial lawyer gives Synergy clients one more resource with spot on insight regarding the needs at settlement.  To view Rodd’s full Bio click HERE.  When the time comes, be prepared with a settlement services partner that can give you the edge you need.


"I just want to thank Synergy for their great work in getting a health insurance lien resolved. The health insurance company refused to reduce their lien a penny from a motorcycle accident involving my client who was not wearing a helmet, a fact that would have hurt our award in front of a jury. Synergy put tremendous pressure on this company, and after months of bombarding this insurance company with statutory requests and threats, they were able to get them to give in and reduce the lien significantly. The cost was minimal in relation to the hard work they put in, and the savings my client received. Client was very happy, and it allowed me to close out a case that I had resolved over 6 months before. Keep them in mind if you are dealing with a smug insurance adjuster who felt confident he would not have to reduce a lien, like I was dealing with. Thank you very much Synergy."

Jeffrey A. Adelman, Esq.
Adelman & Adelman, P.A.

"We have been using the lien resolution services Synergy offers for over a year, and it has been a load off of our back. As a trial attorney, I need my staff to spend time on litigation, not waste their time on hold with Medicare. The time and effort that we used to spend resolving issues with Medicare is now being used in much more productive ways. I haven’t called Medicare in over a year, and I hope I don’t have to call them again."

John D. Ayers, Esq.
Marks & Harrison, P.C.

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